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1 Palms Mixed-Use No. 2

On a rapidly changing West Los Angeles thoroughfare, this 74 unit mixed-use apartment building carves a deep courtyard oasis into a bold and striking outline. Wrapped in a monolithic and relentless perforated pattern of windows and topped with warehouse-inspired sawtooth roof, the building seeks to embrace the scale of Transit-Oriented Community zoning along major boulevards, while maintaining a human-scaled sidewalk presence, a variety of common open spaces at multiple levels, and an active and vibrant play of circulation and life both communal and individual.


Griffin Opportunities


Tina Chee (Landscape), Amir Pirbadian (Structural), KPFF (Civil), Henderson (MEP), Integrare Group (General Contractor)


Nick Hopson, Klara Rodstrom, Chris Gassaway, Zach Blaue, Jennifer Bui, Kevin Pazik, Marino Vega, Dario Salgado

Project data

74 Units, 7 Stories, 89,000 Square Feet

Paul Vu, Here and Now Agency (HANA)